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About Us

1MFG.COM is a one-stop platform which aims to improve the overall competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry. Through consolidating technology, talents, capital and resources home and aboard throughout the whole value chain, 1MFG.COM enables to drive the management innovation, technology innovation ,green transformation and informationization of China's manufacturing industry, thus improving its sustainable competitiveness.

Up to now, 1MFG.COM has built up a networking platform through its own website, magazine and activities. Every year, it draws over 100,000 professionals from 10,000 companies to come and share. Regarding with the originality and foresight within the industry, (the website), (the magazine) and Great Wall Award (the award) have built good reputations and had big influences among China’s manufacturers.

1MFG.COM provides the one-stop value-added services in terms of management, technology, talents, IT solution and investment based on its powerful ability of resource integration. Either through its own network or the alliance with partners, 1MFG.COM provides information and services in the following aspects: Management innovation, Technology Transfer and Innovation, Talents Recruiting and Leasing, IT solution, Merger and Acquisition. 1MFG.COM is committed to establishing a cross-regional and cross-industrial communication platform, thus creating more efficient and dynamic industry ecosystem among governments, universities, associations and manufacturers.

1MFG.COM firmly believes that manufacturing industry was, is and will always be the backbone of China’s economy. We are dedicated to transforming Made-in-China into Excellence-Made-in-China.