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Business Philosophy

  • Be a social responsible Company:

    Be a social responsible enterprise instead of a money-driven-only company.

  • Get return for contribution:

    We esteem two ways of making money.

    We share with our clients 10% of the profit we help to create or 10% of the cost we help to save.

  • Be a persistent turtle, rather than an impetuous rabbit:

    The turtle is persistent, healthy and longevous. We expect to be a focused, competitive and long-lasting enterprise.

  • Be a farmer, rather than a hunter:

    Hold the long-term thinking, and keep the finance stable.

  • Be an enterprise that best understands the needs of clients:

    Listen to the voice of customers to try to make sure that we're not insular. Know the clients better than they do themselves, so as to offer them timely help rather than to tickle.

  • Integrate industry resources globally:

    Integrate industry resources globally to build a powerful marketing platform, to understand the clients, and create more and better value with integrated resources.